SaaS Intelligence #0

Welcome to our one-stop shop for SaaS Investment

Hey! Welcome to Issue #0 of SaaS Intelligence.

When we first built Ventroduce, the aim was to help drive the virtuous cycle in European SaaS.

Investment plays a huge role in this. But, earlystage fundraising is tough and can be opaque.

So, we’ve put together a free monthly newsletter where we source, curate, and deep dive into interesting startups that are currently fundraising

..with the aim of connecting them to the Investors in the Ventroduce network.

This isn't a series of links, but more about the teams behind the startups..

You’ll get to hear the ‘Why’ straight from the founders in charge of these potential rocket ships 🚀

Issue #1 Launch

Each Issue will go live on the second Wednesday of every month with Issue #1 launching on Wednesday 10rd November.

In each issue, you can expect:

  • The Spotlight: A deep dive into 2-3 SaaS Startups on Ventroduce, sourced by SaaStock.

  • The Story: Insights and upcoming trends I see in the SaaS ecosystem.

  • The Crowd: Venture led content, fundraising news, and highlighting wins from the investment community at Ventroduce.

  • The Stockpile: Blogs, tools, and resources I found useful and which I think you will too.

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In the meantime

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This is a newsletter about the ecosystem, for the ecosystem. I’d love to have you involved!

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Look forward to seeing you at Issue #1



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